Timeo Danaos

INSTANTANEITY [Point of time]
A flash / Touch and go
ABSOLUTE [Subsistence, quiddity]
Fools paradise / It's a lie -

I believe in a fiducial character named 'Puff'.
My solitary allusion happens to lie in the circumvallation of
                                    the POET.
Scarecrow? No.
I'm talking about the 'mind's eye', the stuff our dreams are made of.
I'm talking about utopianism, somnambulism, romanticism, dreaming,
a frenzy, a divine afflatus, calenture.
I'm talking about the flying Dutchman, man in the moon,
      castle in the air, Atlantis, happy valley, the JESTER.

My senses infatuate me,
Your genius impassionates me,
The cense traces the call,
of sanguineous men cloven Saul,
   The faithful heed the Spell.