Oh how the changes tend to offer
Such chances with the world
And you can't see my point or quiver
And you talk to the Lord
And my days will last long
Or at least I hope they will
And my clothes and my crown
Still I feel that bitter chill
How I wish you would seek
just what I am looking for
And I know you have your doubts
But I can show you the door
To opening up your dreams
To losing all kind of sight
And you know what that means
In the middle of the night
And if you want to be free
I can show you the way
Still it isn't through me
Here comes the final day
And my life isn't knowing
What is too far ahead but
If you want to truly know it
It's in the room of the dead
And my days are soon coming
For such an eternity
And I know that my brains
Are in total obscurity
And my heart is still pumping
Away the same old beat
Can you hear the aching thumping
Of the heroes, marching feet
Men coming home from war
Men are coming home from fight
And it soon will be my turn
I can no longer see the light