A pathetically rough and retro expression of diversity.

I Don’t
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© Copyright, Ben Van Leeuwen, 2003

You’re once in a lifetime,
An eclipse of the nighttime,
Like the sand and the sea,
Baby, you and me.

I’m nothing without you this time,
I know.

The rougest of weather,
And we’ll still be together,
Like a bird and a bee,
So happy we will be.

A lifetime seems nothing,
by your side.

I’ve been all alone so long,
It’s made my heart as hard as stone,
But since I’ve had you by my side,
There’s been a whole new start to life.

Life’s long road has been rocky,
And the path up and winding,
We’re going down to the sea,
Baby, you and me.

A new day is dawning,
in my life.

A new sun is shining,
That old clock is unwinding,
Pod and a pea,
Baby, you and me.

You may think I’m crazy,
But now i’m home.

The winter cold, it takes it’s toll,
On everything that stands alone,
But with you I will always know,
Shelter from the rain and snow.

Once in a lifetime,
An eclipse of the nighttime,
Like the sand and the sea,
Baby, you and me.

I’m nothing without you this time,
I know.

Happy and free,
You may think it’s nothing,
But I don’t.


Fool For Waiting
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© Copyright, Zephyr Blue, 2003

Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright
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© Copyright, Zephyr Blue, 2003

The Rick Wakeman Song
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© Copyright, Zephyr Blue, 2003

It seems to me that
   hate’s a bad emotion,
But day to day, and end to end,
It sure takes pure devotion.


I am a qualified Studio Recording Engineer, with good communication and interpersonal skills and substantial experience in recording, mixing, sudio operations, set-up and maintenance. I am familiar with analogue/digital/software based systems, as well as any external hardware. Confident as a musician and music producer, I have well-rounded music industry experience, with a strong interest in pursuing self-improvment. I have demonstrated an exceptional natural ear for music quality. My practical experience within the building industry and electronics enables me to do many of the tasks that would otherwise need to be subcontracted; this includes my expertise in soldering and making cables. I am the person who doesn’t mind climbing into the roof to run cables or whatever else needs to be done.

I submit for your consideration that what sets me apart from other Audio Engineers is my multi-skilled approach and my natural ear.


Freeland Audio Engineering - Mastering and multiplestyle production.
Live Sound Engineering - FOH, holdback, equalisation, feedback eliminators, effects and sound reinforcement.
Studio Production - Setting up and management of a small studio. House engineer at Vinegar Hill Studio.
Musician - Broad knowledge of, and long standing involvment and grass roots level in the music industry. I have been a guitarist, bass player, vocalist and producer for many years.
Studio Design and Construction - Expert in sound proofing and optimizing acoustics, as well as construcion.
Natural Ear - Clientelle and experts have often commented on my ability to hear, isolate and correct flaws encountered during the recording process.
Computer Literacy - Experienced in a range of software and operating systems.
Electronics Enthusiast - Long standing interest in electronic circuitry allows me to repairs at component level. At Morse Computers, Castle Hill, I assembled computers to client specifications. Designed and built oscillators and equipment for music therapy.
Building - During my time running a handyman business, I gained experience in designing, quantity estimation and quotation, as well as customer relations, practical construction and producing good to the client’s satisfaction.

If you want to contact me, please email Danny on