ART part one

art part one
art is communication
art is expression of the soul
art massages the senses
art is not a mirror to reflect the world,
   but a hammer with which to shape it.*

the most beautiful form of communication is art.
music is the strongest medium of this communication.
art is alive. music is alive.

1 the drums/percussion are the skeleton of the song.
2 the bass is the heartbeat of the song.
3 the guitars (male) / strings (female) are the body of the song.
4 the brass/wind is the hair of the song
5 the keyboards are the hands/feet of the song.
6 the voices are the face/smile of the song.
7 the composition is the soul/spirit of the song.
8 the producing is the mind of the song.

when you create music, you give birth to a live perfect creature.
as God created, we create, we follow in His footsteps, and He guides us.

each song takes you on a journey
- to the highest mountains
- to the deepest oceans

God is the ultimate artist.
I dance to distortion.