ALAN SPHERE - Mild Mannered Author

If you cast your mind back to a previous stage in your life, you will often identify changes in the way you now think or act. The differences may be either positive or disappointing. What would your impressions be of yourself, if, while still at school you met the now-you? Bizarre concept! Someone once said “at the same moment one boat sails east, and one boat sails west. Yet both are powered by the same breeze. The crucial factor is the disposition of the sails”. Similar is the effect of our heart and attitude on where we end up in life. Our attitude continually changes in subtle ways throughout our lives. However, every so often we can attribute a positive divergence in life to a liberating experience or concept. A light bulb seemingly switches on in our head, as if in a cartoon. Life can often teach us the same simple lessons in different ways.

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