SARAH MARSHALL - Bootilicious Guitarist Extraordinaire

Look at what your love poured out. There’s one thing I know:
I’m free. The purpose of the blood of Christ is freedom.

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© Copyright, Sarah Marshall, 2003

Hail me a taxi,
With surround sound
  and a disconnnected man,
I’m wearing from want,
  and sleepy from waiting.
Tears they tease at me,
  but stay shadowed by hope and joy.

I could laugh and I could cry,
Just get me in a cosy car,
  and drive,
Somewhere, anywhere,
Anywhere but here...

This album has sold out in all British colonies. It is now a recognised collector’s item.
If you are lucky, you might find a copy on Ebay, however you can expect to bid in the thousands.
If you are desperate for it, email me and I’ll make you a copy, just don’t tell Sarah.