Infinite Nature's Revolution

Chance, half sustained,
Shall we cast our fears forever out of reign,
Hope, sub-complete,
And I see you trying to stand on your feet.
Laugh, spinning rhyme,
Caught in tumbling spires of of joy and
                       casting time.
Crying, fate unknown,
Lost in forests, way beneath your shining sceptre and the throne.

Take the son by your hand and
   guide him along through the
   kindling timbers of architectural
   forestry and the green cleanliness
   distorted by suburbs and old men
   lost inside their sorrows. To change
   + insight befell by betraying all candles,
    flying floating crying + lost.

Stammer, change of heart,
We can see in the dark if we try,
Still such little effort does it take,
Mildly, the changes that we make.
+ -


I never thought I'd live to be a million.