Life is my firework. It’s like a world made of mirrors. And I’m spinning on the edge.

I Need You
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© Copyright, David Peters, 2003

(This is one of the most powerful and beautiful songs I have ever heard.
It belongs on a Beatles album, dammit. And i’m not exaggerating.
So stop whatever you are doing, and listen to this Now!  -Danny)
When I needed you,
Were you there?
And when I wanted love,
You washed your hair.

Didn’t really want it away,
I found out,
Didn’t really want it anyway,
But I want it now.

So don’t tell me you didn’t care,
And don’t tell me you lied,
Don’t say that it wasn’t fair,
And don’t say that you cried.

You told me that our love is through,
Well I know that,
Anytime that I wanted to,
This is what I would have said to you.

I need you,
Like the sun, it needs the sky,

I need you,
Like an addict needs a high.

So when the lights go out,
Baby do you dream?
And when the lights go out,
Honey, what does it mean?

Anytime I feel it,
It makes me wanna cry,
And anytime I see it,
It makes me wanna die.

I don’t believe in anything,
Anything at all,
The higher I could climb with you,
The further I could fall.

And babe I need you,
Like a flower needs the rain.

I need you,
Like a promise needs the pain.

I need you,
I very much need you.

Painted Garbage
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© Copyright, David Peters, 2003

When I walked in through your door,
And I sat down on the floor,
I saw the writing on the wall,
I said I won’t be back,
No I won’t be back,
Anytime at all.

Don’t want to be your painted garbage,
Don’t want to be your garbage bin.
But I know inside that I must
              be moving in,
Guess I’m wearing myself thin.

Well, what can I say. If you have taken the time to listen to these tunes, then your world will never be the same.
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