a is for apple, adam (1,2+3), art
b is for beautiful, blue, breathe
c is for class, create, cowboys
d is for dreams, darkness, dimensions
e is for embryo, eternity, existence
f is for falling, flying, free
g is for galaxies, games, god
h is for happiness, heart, hate
i is for instinct, me, immortality, insight
j is for Jesus
k is for kindness, knowledge, kiss
l is for love, love, love, love, love, love, love
m is for music, masks, mystery
n is for nostalgia, nature, nothing
o is for orgasm, oblique, overture
p is for parties, poetry, pink, passion, pleasure
q is for question, quiet, quest
r is for reality, rapture, rain
s is for sex, science, spirit, sound, space, sphere
t is for truth, time, travel (time,space)
u is for utopia, ufo, ultraviolet
v is for velvet, virgin, visions
w is for wonderful, wild, wind
x is for existentialisms
y is for yes, youth, yahoo
z is for zoo, apple, zero

Listen to the music
Sing a song of the music
Create your own universe