Coming Of Age

the future holds many secrets in store
fortunately, for me not many of them are secrets anymore
and time will show me how and what to face
and my soul will show me where i stand in time and space
can you help me i'm on my own
and i feel like i'm standing in the twilight zone
i know it's the truth
and the needle fits the groove
but the scratch is in the way
and i can't help this craving for you
abacus of life
the food of detrimentation
remembrance of days to come
i'll end up in strife
with something of no relation
but who cares we're about to have some fun
tonight you win
tomorrow i lose
yesterday's sin
furthermore moving places again
switch off the system i'm losing control
stuff all that i'm off
unreliability in keeping time
losing faith in the thought of flying
don't give up now or you'll fade away
i really can't wait for my dying day
i'll be open
do you want anything
'cause i'll give it all to you
if you need anything
i'll prove it now i'm true
but i don't know how to show you i'm not wrong
don't believe me if you want
and give me time to move on
you see there's nothing to lose
look at you standing in your wedding shoes
and i'm coming to a greater revelation
about raving about nothing to receive recognition
you'll see
one day
i wish i could tell you
tuesday 8th may